A Politically Correct Song

-------------- Please read -------------- Several people were involved in creating this song. If you have a bone to pick with someone, please feel free to vent at me, as I am the commissioner. Every verse can be viewed as an individual statement made by different people with different opinions. All they have in common is that everyone is being censored. Composer / Vocals: Todor Video editing / Graphics: Nikolai Director / Lyrics /Commercial rights: Saria D. -------------- Links -------------- https://saria-delaney.com https://twitter.com/SariaDelaney https://minds.com/SariaDelaney https://gab.ai/SariaDelaney https://d.tube/#!/c/sariadelaney https://www.patreon.com/SariaDelaney https://paypal.me/SariaDelaney

Permanentlink zu diesem Beitrag: https://saria-delaney.com/a-politically-correct-full-hd-fixx-1-mov/

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