Demian – I Am Justice – Soundtrack

--- Please read me --- Heavy percussion. This soundtrack is dedicated to one of my main protagonists called "Demian" who plays a crucial role in my not yet published German fantasy novel "Spiegelscherben." Since I am still looking for a publisher, I thought to myself "Why not do some promotion?" So here you are, enjoy and feel free to come up with your own interpretation of what you just watched. Soundtrack - I Am Justice: Ilker Yalçiner The amazing artists I have commissioned (from left to right): Sagasketchbook Astri Lohne Anna Pazyniuk Nercali Notesz Entar0178 -------------------------- Editing (Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects), commercial rights (soundtrack), the written permission to use the images on broadcasting sites, such as Youtube and original content / intellectual property of the protagonist "Demian": Saria D.

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